Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance covers you in the case that your client incurs or feels that they have incurred an injury while under your care or instruction. 

Coverage Limit: $1,000,000 per occurrence, $3,000,000 policy year

Medical Expenses

This coverage pays medical expenses incurred by your client. Often times this is used to pay medical expenses to avoid a lawsuit. 

Coverage Limit: $25,000 per occurrence, $100,000 policy year

Loss of Earnings

If you have to make any court appearances associated with a lawsuit, you will be paid for your lost earnings for that time. 

Coverage Limit: $2500 per occurrence, $35,000 policy year


Coverage for your Attorney fees if your governing body launches an investigation into your conduct as a professional.

Coverage Limit: $25,000 per occurrence, $100,000 policy year


Covers your lost income for time spent during the deposition process.

Coverage Limit: $10,000

BioMedical Waste Defense

Pays your attorney fees for defense for suits against improper biomedical disposal. This is especially important for acupuncturists.

Coverage Limit: $10,000


Pays your attorney fees for defense against the improper sharing of client personal, private or sensitive information. Not just for the medical profession. This applies to fitness and spa professionals or anyone who keeps client records.

Coverage Limit: $25,000

Sexual Misconduct

Covers your defense in the event that any claims of sexual misconduct, whether real or perceived by the client.

Coverage Limit: $25,000

Premises Liability

Coverage for your clients in the event that they are injured while on your premises.

Coverage Limit: $1,000,000

Cost of Defense


Pays for all of your attorney fees in addition to the amount of the claim. 

Consent to Settle

The insurance company must obtain your authorization before settling a claim. When a claim is settled, the professional is admitting guilt, at least in part. Some companies will settle without your consent just to save money. WellfitInsure believes that you should have the right to be consulted in that decision.